Visiting Bilbao`s Guggenheim Museum

24 Sep 2007

As part of the cultural activities which complement the Institute`s educational programmes, Instituto Hemingway organises free fortnightly visits to Bilbao´s Guggenheim museum. All students who are taking the Spanish courses will have the opportunity to get to know the museum`s permanent collection and the new temporary exhibitions which are foreseen for this autumn/winter. All these works are housed within an exceptional piece of architecture.

Two temporary exhibitions are foreseen for this period: “Art in the USA: 300 años de evolución” and “Chacun à son goût”.

“Art in the USA: 300 años de evolución” is an exhibition which will show an attractive collection of approximately 200 works which come from different private and public collections in the United States. Divided into 6 historical periods, USArt will demonstrate how art from each era both was reflected and contributed to a complex visual narration of a nation during a period of discovery, growth and experimentation.x visual narrative of a nation during times of discovery, growth and experimen
“Chacun à son goût” is an exhibition which has been organised for the 10th anniversary of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. The work focuses on promoting the creativity of contemporary Basque artists, inviting them to produce specific works which interact with the spaces of the museum. The selection will demonstrate that the chosen artists are authors of international vocabularies and they respond to and question the tensions of their specific locus.

But furthermore we will have the opportunity to enjoy the Guggenheim`s permanent collection which Richard Sierre leads and resides within an impressive building, the work of the North American Frank O Gehry. We remember that the Guggenheim museum is situated in a piece of land of 32 500 metres squared which is located on the same level as the Nervión river. That is to say 16m below the height of the city and which is crossed at one point by the colossal La Salve Bridge, which is one of the main entrances to the city.

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