Instituto Hemingway will maintain it´s prices for Spanish courses in Bilbao and internships in 2008.

06 Dec 2007

For the past 4 consecutive years, Instituto Hemingway has deliberately maintained it´s prices for all it´s Spanish classes and Spanish programmes.

This has been a conscious effort by the Institute to keep its prices consistent and affordable. The aim is to provide the same high quality classes year after year without increasing the price.

This decision allows us to compete with other Spanish Language schools so that students continue to choose Bilbao and Instituto Hemingway as their destination to learn Spanish and make easier their participation in the programmes Business Internships or Hospitality Management.

Furthermore, maintaining prices for Spanish classes gives everyone the opportunity to take Spanish classes in the only Spanish language school in Bilbao, a fascinating city with it´s unique blend of old and new, including the famous Guggenheim Museum.

Instituto Hemingway enables students to improve their Spanish language abilities and have an unforgettable experience in Bilbao, or any other region of Spain as part of one of the programmes.

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