Flamenco and Jazz concert

02 Nov 2007

On Tuesday 13th November at 20.00, Instituto Hemingway will be taking students to the historic Arriaga Theatre to see a Jazz and Flamenco performance by Michel Camilo and Tomatito.

These two performers come from very different musical worlds. Camilo grew up in the Dominican Republic but has lived near New York since 1979. He is a jazz pianist whose music contains many Caribbean and Latin elements. Furthermore, he is also an important musician in classical music, and has played with some of the best orchestras in the world.

By contrast, Tomatito was born in Almeria (Spain), the son of the flamenco guitarist Tomate. Tomatito has accompanied many famous singers and became a soloist in 1987 and went on to have many successful records.

In 1997, these two vastly different musicians came together at the Barcelona Jazz Festival as a tribute to the pianist Tete Montoliú. After this they continued working together at Jazz Festivals and recorded the album “Spain” in 1999 which won a Latin Grammy in the year 2000.

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