Activities to compliment your Spanish course

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At Instituto Hemingway, we have a variety of activities that you can do whilst completing your Spanish course here in Bilbao. We believe that it is important that all of our students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish outside the classroom, and, of course, enjoy themselves at the same time.

Friday 22nd March

We encourage you to accompany us on a trip to the Arriaga Theatre to see Las Criadas at 8pm . It is a play by Jean Genet, a French playwright and poet. His stories have the tendency to express rebellion against society and its customs. “Las Criadas” tells a true story that had a big impact on French society – the assasination of two women, a mother and daughter in the hands of the Papin sisters. We believe it would be a great opportunity to not only see the play, but also to explore the inside of this marvellous theatre and, most importantly, practice your Spanish.

Sunday 24th March

As you may well know, Bilbao is surrounded by mountains and one of the biggest is known as Pagasarri which is 660 metres high. But do not worry, in general it is very easy to climb, although some parts are more difficult. This Sunday you will have the opportunity to climb it from the streets of Bilbao and from the top you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of Bilbao and the country that extends around it. We assure you that it is worth the effort!

Well, we hope that you bear these two activities in mind this weekend so that you can enjoy your stay with us to the maximum.

We look forward to seeing you and have fun!

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