Spanish School in Bilbao: Our Unbeatable Cultural Offering

09 Mar 2016

Bilbao captures the essence of Spain as a complex and diverse country. It is a melting pot of cultural wealth in the form of amazing gastronomy, incredible architecture, both traditional and modern, and a fascinating history.

If you are looking for a multifaceted destination in which to study Spanish and develop a deep cultural understanding, Bilbao comprises the ideal recipe.

Additionally, our School is located in the centre of this metropolis in the Basque Country; which is one of the richest Autonomous Communities in terms of its diverse economy and attractive natural environment, parts of which are protected as world heritage sites. Above all, this region offers the visitor the opportunity to experience a truly varied selection of leisure and educational activities.

What makes Bilbao a special city?

Founded in the 14th century, the city of Bilbao carries an intriguing history. Sheltered by mountains, it has developed its own unique language and traditions. Since its foundation, the city has been the home to one of Spain’s largest ports, through which it has gained a large part of its financial wealth.

Bilbao is an alternative option, which offers an array of educational and leisure opportunities

Peculiarities such as its unique mythology and tasty pintxos attract better informed tourists, who are searching for a Spanish school located in a place that offers more than a beach and cheap food.

Fundamentally, the city invests a considerable amount into cultural resources, such as its numerous museums and la Alhóndiga; a cultural centre which realises this purpose through an alternative cinema and a library which offers a wide selection of books and comics, the joining of which is free! The city’s museums put on display masterpieces from the last 10 centuries, as well as exhibitions of scarce artefacts which demonstrate the mysterious origins of Basque Culture.

The effects of the Carlist Wars, the Civil War and the Francoist dictatorship are still evident today in this area. Unconquered in the First Carlist War, the city of Bilbao fell under the control of the fascist army in 1937, having had the majority of its bridges that crossed the river Nervión destroyed in the defence of the city. This explains the relative modernness of its various bridges today, each of which has its own interesting story.

What distinguishes Instituto Hemingway as an educational and cultural institution?

Our School has its own library of books and DVDs of all kinds. Moreover, our free cultural activities distinguish us above other Spanish schools, above all, because they offer an excellent insight into the culture of the city and the province of Biscay, whilst providing the opportunity for students to get to know each other.

We greatly value the time of our students and, as a result, we want to give them every opportunity to take advantage of their stay in this fascinating region.

Our courses always include a cultural element, however, we offer Courses in Spanish and Spanish culture as well.

We feel that cultural understanding is an integral part of learning a language, especially with more advanced levels such as B2, C1 and C2.
Culture also forms an important part of the DELE exams.

We also provide courses with the specific aim of helping students pass these official exams.

If you would like to know more or sign-up to one of our courses, please send us an email:

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