Schedule of free leisure and cultural activities June 2016

01 Jun 2016

As with every month we have prepared a varied and unforgettable schedule of free activities for our students, which will allow them to practise in reality what they have learned in class and which will introduce the culture of Spain. Apart from this, these activities will be an opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

We will start on 01 June with a visit to one of the marvellous beaches of the region, as the weather is going to be sunny and there is nothing better than sunbathing. The day after we will give you an inside look into the culinary culture of Spain, since we are going to prepare the Spanish Tortilla. This cooking class will be followed by another culinary event on Friday: Pintxos, the typical snacks of the north of Spain, which exist in uncountable variations in almost every bar of the old town.

The second week of June we are going to see the fascinating Puente Colgante, followed by a beach trip. The 07 July we will visit the holy town of the Basques: Gernika, to give you instructive information about the history of the region. Then, on the 08 July, we will catch one of the most famous panoramic views of Bilbao, once we go up the mountain via the historic cable car. On the following Thursday we will see the Basque art and learn about the history in an artistic context in the Museo Vasco. On Friday, due to the high demand, we will have another night of Pintxos.

The week of wines:
We have planned a special excursion on Saturday 11 June to the Winery of Haro. Then, on Monday the 13 June we will visit the cultivation area of the typical and fruity Txakoli. The day after you will have the chance to try a variety of Spanish wines at our first monthly wine tasting. On the 15 June we will visit the Plaza de Toros followed by a visit to the Museo Taurino, to give you another insight into Spanish culture. The day after that, we will have our second monthly wine tasting, that will show you the profound techniques of the tasting process and make you a real connoisseur. What else than a night of Pintxos in combination with the European Championships match Spain vs. Turkey is better on a Friday evening!?

On Monday the 20 June we are going to begin the week with a fun afternoon in one of our favourite bars to eat delicious Churros with a cup of hot chocolate. On the following Tuesday we will watch the soccer match between Spain and Croatia. On the 22 June we will visit the picturesque town of Balmaseda, followed by an international dinner together with our students/ chefs from all around the globe the day after that. As usual, we will end the working week with the most popular activity for our students which is, of course: A night of Pintxos!

The last week of June we will start with another visit to the world famous Puente Colgante on Monday, followed by an excursion to Gernika to visit the Museo de la Paz. Than on Wednesday the 29 we will take a trip to the Guggenheim Museum, which will allow you to see an exhibition of Andy Warhol (only one of the works the museum presents). This cultural week also includes a visit to the Museo Vasco on 30 June.

Bear in mind, that our month does not end with the date, as we, on 1 July, will visit the great viewpoint of Artxanda followed by a trip to the Plaza de Toros. Furthermore, as it is a Friday, Pintxos night. Finally, on 2 July, we will undertake an excursion to Castro Urdiales a beautiful village in the Bay of Biscay.

Wow! You can find the hole schedule below.

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