Welcome to February at Instituto Hemingway! What do we have in store for you this month?

31 Jan 2017

We have organised our afternoon activities for the month according to your likes and interests. There is a reason why we are the only language school in Bilbao with almost 20 years of experience.
Take a look at the cultural activities on our website or download them directly from our social media pages and enjoy Bilbao after your Spanish classes.

In the first week we will discover the Guggenheim Museum with its new exhibition and also enjoy a trip to the fascinating town of Guernica, a nearby and historically rich place. You will not be bored! For the first Thursday of the month we have organised Salsa lessons where you will learn to do salsa dancing and other Caribbean dances.

On Fridays we have pintxos, an event that all of our students love. As always we will meet at Instituto Hemingway and make our way to the bar where we will chat and enjoy delicious food all evening.

On February 7th at 19:00 we have organised another wine tasting session. On this occasion we will try three white wines from different areas and various varieties of grape. The second will be a great week,

Tuesday we will start with the sampling of wines and Wednesday we will teach our students how to prepare Spanish tortillas.

We have also organised a visit to Eskalduna to see the Titanic exhibition. To combat the wintery weather we have decided to go for Chocolate con Churros on Tuesday 14th February, the desert of San Valentin. That week we are also visiting the Fine Arts Museum and the following day the Reproductions Museum. In the penultimate week we will discover the Casco Viejo, go to the concert of Txistularis in Eskalduna and on the 23rd carnival begins! There will be a lot of activities throughout the entire city and we will undoubtedly have a great time.
On the final week we will have an excellent wine tasting session as we prepare to say goodbye to February.

We hope to see you there!

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