Birthday Party for Instituto Hemingway

01 Feb 2017

Another birthday has come around for Instituto Hemingway! Start the countdown for the celebrations of our next birthday party. This year we turn 18! The celebrations will take place on Friday 10th March at our usual bar, Bilbobeer.

You are all invited: teachers, students, alumni, ELE students. We are counting on you all for this very special moment. The more the merrier!

It is a great opportunity for everyone to see each other again, old friends and new students. It is an opportune moment to catch up and tell each other a bit about our lives and above all to celebrate together the birthday of our great Spanish school. We will enjoy a great evening, there will be appertisers, wine, good music, a raffle full of surprises and even for the most daring: karaoke.

Friends that enjoy teaching and learning Spanish, we would love for you all to come and celebrate our EIGHTEENTH birthday, because at Instituto Hemingway we are all one.

We hope to see you on Friday 10th March in BilboBeer at 21:001

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