International wine tasting in Bilbao with our Spanish courses

17 Mar 2017

On this occasion we will be sampling international wines that we have found in the Czech Republic, France and Galicia, by the border with Portugal.

On Tuesday 28th March we invite you to participate in a wine tasting session that we have organised from 19:00pm. This activity is available for all students of our Spanish courses and anyone else interested in learning about wine.

This time we will sample three very different wines. A wine from the Czech Republic that one of our students has brought, another wine from Bordeaux recently bought by our wine teacher on his travels there, and another from Ribeiro, in Galicia.

Here are the wines that we will sample:
- The Czech wine is a dry, ruby coloured, icy wine with a soft aroma from the prestigious region in the south of Moravia. The region is called Slovacko, perhaps the region with the best climate for these types of wine. It is 9 years and won the Mundus wine prize in 2009.

- The second wine is from D.O. Ribeiro, next to the border with Portugal. Quinta do Rebolo, a wine from 2015 from the Mencía collection. It is a red wine, perhaps less known than the whites from the same region, but is still worth enjoying. The mencías wines are in fashion at the moment and we will undoubtedly enjoy this one.

- The third wine is a Chateau Pérenne 2013, one we bought in the Chateau Pape Clement in Bordeaux. We had the opportunity to visit this famous chateau and learn about its creator, Bernad Magrez. With very mature aromas of red fruits, and even a hint of marmalade. On the palate this range of colours translates into an elegant balance.

The objective of our wine tasting is to see the difference between different wines, varieties and to learn how to sample them.

It will also be a new opportunity to learn Spanish, new words and above all, things about wine.

We hope to see you there.

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