Semana Santa and Basque Fest in Bilbao: the perfect addition to your Spanish course

11 Apr 2017

Enjoy the special and unique atmosphere in Bilbao during Semana Santa. It will be a busy, bustling and exciting week which officially started last Friday 7th April and will end on Sunday 16th, so make sure not to miss it. In total, there will be 13 precessions. Yesterday we went to see the Nazareno Procession, one of the most mytical and powerful processions you can witness in Bilbao. Take a look at the timetable of the processions by clicking here.

Semana Santa in Bilbao has many events which are no less important, and just as worth checking out. Take a look at Basque Fest here.

Basque Fest is a unique, international, open event full of Basque culture. For 5 consecutive days, from 12th-16th April, the streets of Bilbao will be full of music, literature, sport, tradition and innovation. It is truly a unique experience!

We hope to see you there!

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