Bilbao, a city for everybody

09 May 2017

Come and visit our Biscayan city, discover the north of Spain and learn Spanish in our language school.

b>Bilbao is not any city. Its buildings appear to be random, like something sweetly magical, and one can find architectural jewels from the Art Nouveau period combined with baroque buildings or even postmodern art. Its selection of tapas bars is second to none and the alleys of Bilbao always offer a great atmosphere to enjoy your food and drink. Here art and gastronomy are combined to create some of the best eating experiences in Spain. Did you know the Basque Country has more Michelin starred restaurants than any other region of Spain?


Here in Bilbao you have an endless list of museums, palaces, theatres, bridges and other buildings worth visiting. Lose yourself in the endless fascinating streets of the city and stumble upon architectural works that have helped this city to be awarded the mythical Nobel Prize for Urbanism and the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, awarded by the city of Singapore. Bilbao has left behind its industrial age in order to recreate itself as a city of art and culture. Even the new metro system, designed by award winning architect Norman Foster, is an impressive work of art.

Strolling around the Casco Viejo one can find St James Cathedral, the Arriaga Theatre, the Church of St. Nicholas or the precious Basílica of our very own Lady Begoña. However, even outside of the old part of town there is a wealth of things to see from Art Noveau designs to new modernist works of art. Even the city’s tallest building, the Iberdrola Tower, is an aesthetic work of modern engineering.

There is a wealth of museums to choose from. The world famous Guggenheim Museum created by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. Right beside it likes its trusty companion Puppy, by Jeff Koons, a gigantic dog covered entirely in flowers. Fans of contemporary art and design should also go to La Alhóndiga, one of the most interesting buildings of the city. This old wine warehouse has been reformed into a busy civic and cultural centre that combines traditional and modern design thanks to architect Phillip Starck.

The city and area also plays host to some astonishing bridges, including masterpieces such as Zubizuri de Calatrava and La Salve Bridge. However, the regions most famous bridge is undoubtedly Vizcaya Bridge (Puente Colgante) which hangs over the estuary by the Port of Bilbao. Designed in 1893 by Alberto Palacio, it is the world’s oldest transporter bridge, connecting Portugalete and Getxo. Its significance and impressive design helped it to be awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Status.


If you only came for kokotxas (fish), txakoli (wine) and pintxos (don’t blame yourself) here you will find plenty of places to satisfy your needs. Through the narrow alleys of the Casco Viejo you will find an abundance of pintxos bars selling local food and wine. The old streets and especially the picturesque Plaza Nueva are the perfect environments to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. The bars do not dry up once you wander into the more modern part of town. On every street corner you will find people making the most of the reasonably priced, delicious food. The standard is so high that no below par restaurants are allowed to survive, meaning you are sure to have good food and wine wherever you go.

Whatever your desires, Bilbao has it all for you.

We hope to see you here soon!

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