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Student from Holland learned spanish in five months in Spain!

📅06 Dec 2017

My name is Daphne Schalk, I am a student from the Netherlands and have done a Spanish course and an marketing internship at Instituto Hemingway....

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Why did I elect to take “Curso de Profesores de Español ELE through del Instituto Hemingway

Denisse Richardson📅04 Nov 2015

My maiden language is Spanish. I also can speak fluent English, German and Italian. I lived in USA 20 years and then moved to Germany. Over the...

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My opinion on the Spanish as a Foreign Language Course for teachers

María del Pino Gálvez Jorge📅05 Jan 2015

When I began to look for information about courses for Spanish teachers for foreigners I surprisingly found that there was not a single face-to-face course offered in my city.This really...

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An American student reviews our cheese-making courses

📅16 Apr 2012

This past Spring Break I corralled two of my best friends for a weekend getaway to Rioja, Spain. The land of rich, oakey wines, sumptuous bites, and miles and miles...

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Hemingway and Me: My time at Instituto Hemingway

📅05 Sep 2011

My name is Leila Santoni and studying at the University of Surrey in England I came to Bilbao and Insittuto Hemingway as part of my year abroad. ...

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