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A philosophical reflection on Spanish as a Foreign Language

Jorge Hernando Pacheco Gómez📅16 Jan 2015

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said in his worked entitled Tractatus that the limits of my language mean the limits of my world.  What can we say about teaching Spanish as a...

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My opinion on the Spanish as a Foreign Language Course for teachers

María del Pino Gálvez Jorge📅05 Jan 2015

When I began to look for information about courses for Spanish teachers for foreigners I surprisingly found that there was not a single face-to-face course offered in my city.This really...

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Activities for a communicative class in Spanish.

Marta Cabeza López-Vázquez📅27 Dec 2014

Hello friends and future professional colleagues!I want to take advantage of this opportunity that we have, through this blog, to share our experiences and reflections to tell you about my...

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A new challenge as Spanish teacher

Ibán Valverde García📅23 Dec 2014

Hi everyone,At last, after many months struggling with the course due to my working life, I can proudly say that this is the beginning of a new challenge, which I...

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Learning to be a Spanish teacher: a Mexican perspective

Diana Liz Garibo Trujillo📅22 Dec 2014

When you leave your country to settle in another part of the world, your see all aspects of your culture, mother tongue and customs in a different light; when you...

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