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Our Spanish school in the Basque museum

Daphne Schalk📅31 Aug 2017

The Instituto Hemingway organizes free activities for its students everyday after class. The most important goal of these activities is to encourage students to know each other better but also to...

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Carlos Jesús Cumplido García📅23 Aug 2017

My name is Carlos. I'm 27 years old and currently teach Spanish as a foreign language. This is the short story of how I wound up here....

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Julio Martínez Jarillo📅23 Aug 2017

Before teaching ELE, I'd already had a few years of teaching under my belt, and I knew my way around the professional world of teaching, but not in the field...

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How to be a good Spanish teacher

Mercedes Guio Tello📅02 Jun 2017

For 14 years I have been a Spanish teacher. I teach classes in a British school in Alicante, where there are students from primary, secondary and baccalaureate ages that study...

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Spanish teacher in Germany: A very useful blog

📅17 May 2017

Life is a school and who knows better than the teachers themselves. From Instituto Hemingway we would like to share with all of you the professional challenges of one of...

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