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Julene De la Fuente Henry📅19 Dec 2014

In my case I graduated in Tourism, and I have worked in this and other sectors linked to the command of several languages.  This led me to study and to...

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Second language adqusition: an experience from Finalndia

Alvaro Martin Palomero📅14 Dec 2014

Due to the fact that this is a blog about languages and many visitors are foreign Spanish students, I have decided to write in English, even if it's not my...

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Online resources for a Spanish course for Foreigners

Clara Isabel Hernando📅08 Dec 2014

My contribution to the blog covers online resources. Sometimes we look for ideas to liven up the theory and, sometimes, it is difficult to discard so much information. ...

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Teacher of Spanish and English as a second language: points in common

Irune Sara Bustamante García📅30 Nov 2014

The truth is that I don´t have that much experience as a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language.  In 2013 I finished my Degree in Primary Education with specialization...

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My Experience and training teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to Norwegians

Patricia Fuentes García📅25 Nov 2014

My training and experience as a teacher of foreign languages began some years ago, as English as well as a Spanish teacher.  At the end of the day, in both...

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