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Advice For New Spanish Teachers

Yoana Dalila Perdomo Martín📅15 Apr 2018

My name is Yoana and I've been teaching Spanish for 10 years in Germany. When I started, I knew some Spanish but nothing specific for teaching Spanish as a foreign...

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Happy World Poetry Day

LLC📅21 Mar 2018

What is poetry? An expression of deep feelings and ideas – an outlet. What is a verse? A kiss, an embrace, a strike to the heart, a wish, the other side of a...

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Why did I decide to take the ELE Teaching Course at the Instituto Hemingway?

Iván Rodrigo Fuster📅10 Mar 2018

Hi everyone! So why did I decide to do an ELE teaching course at the Instituto Hemingway? For many years I thought about doing a Spanish teaching course, either in person...

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Being a Spanish Teacher: a challenge and an opportunity

Ursula Heitzler📅11 Mar 2018

I'm Ursula, and I'm very happy that I decided to take this course. I discovered a new world through doing it. I think that there is still a lot that...

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Two Interns Talk About Instituto Hemingway and Their Exchange in Bilbao

📅22 Feb 2018

Here are the comments from our interns who sadly went back home this Friday, but who have enjoyed and learnt lots from this experience…! “Before coming to Bilbao to do this...

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