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5 reasons to study spanish and other second languages

Montserrat Botana Loureiro📅07 Jan 2013

1. It helps us to understand our own language better! Does this surprise you? It´s true! If you only speak one language you don´t have a reference to compare it...

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The DELE B2 Speaking Test: A job offer in a spanish class

Víctor Abraham Trujillo Solís📅01 Feb 2013

The first objective of this text is to propose some presetation strategies to help students to preare for the DELEL B2 oral exam. ...

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My way to approach teaching Spanish

`Marina S.S📅26 Dec 2012

A student’s reflection after graduating as an ELE teacher (Spanish as a Foreign Language) at Instituto Hemingway ...

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Motivation: Spanish Courses for Foreigners

Víctor Manuel Muñoz Cocho📅00 00 0000

There are various reasons why I have been driven to complete a Spanish teacher course. Despite having an academic qualification, I needed to learn the methodology to be able to...

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DELE (B1-B2) Examiners Certificated Course

📅20 Dec 2012

A teacher from our Spanish school at Instituto Hemingway finished a few days ago the DELE (B1 – B2) examiners Preperation Course taught by the Cervantes Institute....

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