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Motivation: Spanish Courses for Foreigners

Víctor Manuel Muñoz Cocho📅00 00 0000

There are various reasons why I have been driven to complete a Spanish teacher course. Despite having an academic qualification, I needed to learn the methodology to be able to...

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DELE (B1-B2) Examiners Certificated Course

📅20 Dec 2012

A teacher from our Spanish school at Instituto Hemingway finished a few days ago the DELE (B1 – B2) examiners Preperation Course taught by the Cervantes Institute....

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´Manuel de Español Urgente´: A good spanish reference book

📅19 Dec 2012

Being aSpanish Teacher is not always an easy task and even native teachers seem to find difficulties with teaching the language. ...

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Spanish Teaching and Evaluation Course

Margalida Gost Torrandell📅18 Dec 2012

I chose to take a course as a teacher of Spanish as a second language to broaden by professional horizons. Currently, I work as an English teacher, teaching a class...

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Resources for Spanish teachers and students: Audiobooks

📅14 Dec 2012

As you all know, at Instituto Hemingway we always remain up-to-date with the latest publications launched on the market. ...

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