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Experiences in our Spanish school

24 Jul 2013

The new interns of Instituto Hemingway, Ryan and Ruben give us their opinion about their first time spent in the...

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Reviews from our intern from Cyprus, Evie

17 Jun 2013

Our new intern tells us in this video about why she is in Bilbao, how she has found her first...

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ERASMUS internship in Bilbao

11 Apr 2013

Our new Polish intern, Diana, arrived at Instituto Hemingway not long ago to work with us for several months in...

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Experiences learning Spanish as a volunteer

04 Mar 2013

Our English student, James, tells us about his experience in Spain. He tells us about his job, studying Spanish and...

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Our interns review of Bilbao and our spanish school

25 Jan 2013

Elizabeth, our english intern who has joined us since september talks about her impression of Spain, about the city of...

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