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Wine tasting with our Spanish students

11 Sep 2012

Every second week the Hemingway Institute organizes for its Spanish students the wine tasting course, where they can not only...

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International dinner with our Spanish students

26 Jul 2012

Here in Instituto Hemingway, we organized a big international dinner! The students of the Spanish courses prepared a typical dish...

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The opinion of our Italian fellow

25 Jul 2012

Maria, from Italy, is going to work for several months at Instituto Hemingway. Here she is explaining why she...

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The opinion of our Polish fellow

24 Jul 2012

Julia talks about how are her first days in Bilbao and about her experience in Instituto. Also she talks about...

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Opinion of our new German fellow

11 Jul 2012

Lisa has just arrived in Bilbao and she has already created a very positive experience. In this video she...

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