Volunteer programs in Spain

Volunteer programs in Spain

The volunteer program at INSTITUTO HEMINGWAY is a unique opportunity to live and work in Spain as a volunteer

Through this program you will be able to help the Spanish society and build a cultural bridge between Spain and your country of origin.

Why volunteer abroad?
Because it allows you to widen your professional and personal horizon getting to know closely the Spanish culture, improve your level of Spanish and your professional and personal skills building a network of international friends.

Who can participate?
The program is open to any applicant who sincerely wishes to have new experiences and meet people from different cultures: students, graduates, retirees, professionals. Everyone is welcome!

Areas of Volunteer Work
Participants can choose their area of volunteer work from social work, tourism, cultural work, monument restoration..

How long does it last?
You can choose where you want to stay during the program: students´ residence or family accommodation.

For stays of over three months, we recommend a student visa if you come from outside the European Union.

We recommend you to attend a course of Spanish before starting your staying. It will help you to communicate better and enjoy your staying in Spain. If you wish, we can help you choosing a course of Spanish. You can also attend an online Spanish course through Skype, if you prefer doing it from home before moving to Spain.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Airport pickup service upon your arrival
  • Arrangement of contacts, interviews, and reports
  • Orientation and information
  • Participation in social and cultural activities organized by INSTITUTO HEMINGWAY
  • Interview with the Co-coordinator of INSTITUTO HEMINGWAY Volunteer Program
  • Certificate of Participation awarded by INSTITUTO HEMINGWAY upon program completion.

Application and participation
You are requested to choose in order of preference up to three types of volunteer experience when you register. You are also required to send your Curriculum Vitae with a letter in English explaining your motives for wanting to participate in the program. Our co-coordinator then takes into consideration your personal goals, your level of fluency in the language, your work experience, as well as the length of time you wish to participate.

You will quickly receive a reply to your application with full details of the program.

Volunteer Opportunities

The participants have their choice of volunteer projects.

You can choose the working area that you are interested in.

Some of the possible choices are:

  • Social work and work with seniors (primary care provider of people living with HIV/AIDS, elders who feel lonely, families without resources...)
  • Education ( students with special needs, children living in poverty stricken areas, teaching English, Math, Science...)
  • Tourism (tourist guide, receptionist...)
  • Monument restoration (windmills, castles...)
  • Environment (conservation projects, endangered species...)
  • Culture (indigenous cultures, museums, exhibitions...)

Application and participation in the program.

Application and participation in the program.

Our coordinator will make sure to propose you the best volunteering jobs according to your personal aims, level of your language, your working experience and how long you want to volunteer for.

Program Price Term
Volunteer program 500 € per week

Included in the Price: Pick up from the airport.

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