Paid culinary and hospitality internships in Spain

29 Nov 2013

At Instituto Hemingway, we bring to you our new program, paid culinary and hospitality internships in Spain : The students taking part in this program will have the opportunity to spend some time in Spain, and can learn Spanish while doing the internships as well as entering the working world of restaurants and hotels.

The students can enjoy:

Culinary practical programs:
You can do culinary practical progams while interning at restaurants, hotels or restaurants. You will learn first-hand from local experienced chefs and professionals, in either English or in Spanish. These culinary programs aim to allow you to immerse yourself in the real world of cooking, learning hands-on how to prepare a huge number of authentic dishes such as soups, desserts and meat, fish, rice, or vegetable-based dishes. You and your coursemates can sample all the dishes prepared.

Culinary internships:
You can intern in the city or in the surrounding areas, in the culinary establishment most suited to your skill level. This way, you will learn all the tricks of the trade.

The students that participate in our culinary and hospitality internships program in Spain will receive a monthly salary (€200 / $260).

The interns would normally work 30 hours a week and with regards to accommodation, they will live in shared accommodation (in apartments in or near the city) in safe areas, with Spaniards.

Moreover, all students will be able to rely on support and constant guidance during the placements.

At the end of the program, you will be awarded with a certificate from Instituto Hemingway and a reference letter from the chef with whom you completed your Culinary Internship.

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