Internships in Spanish companies

Internships in Spain

This program allows you to undertake internships in Spain in different areas. An amazing opportunity to improve your Spanish get to know how an international company works and improve your professional skills. The companies' internships in Spain can be done in Summer or throughout the rest of the year.

If you're looking for paid business internships, we suggest you to visit the section of internships and jobs in hotels.

If you are older than 18 years old and you would like to come to Spain to undertake a business internship send us your curriculum vitae. We will make sure it reaches the collaborating company and these ones, will choose according to their needs and interests. They are unpaid internships but with very interesting requirements for the participants.

Why do a work experience placement?

  • Increases knowledge and skills
  • Tests classroom theories in the "real world"
  • Explores a potential career path
  • Contributes to an organization or company
  • Increases community involvement

The program includes:

  • A practical placement appropriate for your professional background. (Usually four hours a day)
  • Search of accommodation
  • Orientation course at the start of the program
  • Ongoing orientation and assistance throughout the duration of the program

Our prices are very competitive and assure the best use of the student´s time and money. The results are worth the effort.

Country targets

  • Spain


  • Beginner level of the language of the target country, and excellent communication skills
  • Be ambitious and open to challenges

Learn spanish with your interships in Spain

We suggest you to undertake a course of Spanish before starting your internship or while you are undertaking it. It will help you to communicate better and enjoy your experience in Spain. If you wish, we can help you choosing a course of Spanish combined with your internship. If you'd rather do a course from home instead of moving to Spain, you can also undertake an online course of Spanish through Skype.


AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES: These kinds of internships investigate the development of agriculture and the natural resources on a variety of settings. Duties permit individuals to gain hands-on gardening and maintenance experience throughout various plant collections, greenhouses and farms. Most of the internships include accommodation.

ARCHITECTURE: The intern will work on a number of projects related to the field in which they are specialized. You translate the client's needs and the architects design ideas into a visual format. Some of your tasks include designing solutions for architectural problems, computer drafting, preparing presentations, corresponding with clients, researching products, presenting design solutions, CAD drafting or inspect new and ongoing projects.

ART: Works of art in their social, political, intellectual, and cultural contexts. Interns learn to think, read, and write critically about art and to be astute interpreters of visual culture. The candidates persue experiential learning through internships in museums, art galleries, historic preservations, interior designs, artists-in-residence, archeological sites, architectural firms, etc.

BUSINESS: You learn communications skills, sales skills by meeting with clients; customer service, computer skills, problem solving skills, presentation skills;
You participate in preparation of surveys, business plans, research, prepare presentation of results, incorporate into project plans for implementation. You are also in the preparation of quotations, order entries, invoicing, assist in creating customer databases and in developing customer information / advertising materials.

COMMUNICATIONS: Field and studio camera work, editing, producing and creating are some of the possibilities. Other possibilities involve letter and newsletter writing, feature and special event writing, brochure and poster design, and campaign development.
You can also work as a Public Relations (PR).

COMPUTERS: You can participate in an internship in areas like research and development, technology and design, web hosting and database development or engineering.
Skills and knowledge about web based programming, teamwork, project management and how to identify client specific goals are highly appreciated.

EDUCATION: The intern should develop and implement a comprehensive plan aimed at meeting the educational needs of various groups or individuals.

While no specific skills are required, a willingness to learn about community resources and work in a team is essential.

The intern must liaise with classroom staff.

Design and implement lessons/plans/activities for other members of the Project.

ENGINEERING: Some of the tasks include researching and analyzing technical data, reviewing and inspecting products for quality control, documenting technical information on various databases, maintaining/updating support systems. You can also attend project meetings, purchase necessary raw materials and services, conduct quality control, prepare quantity take-offs for assigned trades or systems and co-ordinate take off with other team members.

ENVIRONMENT AND WILDLIFE: These internships will acquaint the intern with the normal operations of a nature preserve and allow interns to participate in on-going research projects in community and ecosystem ecology, conservation biology, animal behavior and evolution.

HEALTH CARE: The intern will answer the patients' questions, assist in planning and implementing activities in the workplace, help them to gather statistical information about current medical services and carry out general office duties. Work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, pharmaceutical firms or medical supply companies. There are programs related to Aids, fist aid and emergencies, anorexia and bulimia, etc.

HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT: This internship will be in a prestigious hotel, restaurant or tourist resort, and like other internships, is a great opportunity for students to learn valuable skills before they enter the workforce. Accommodation, food and pocket money are covered.

This internship needs a neat and clean appearance, ability to concentrate, good health and stamina, initiative, leadership abilities, self-discipline, willingness to relocate, people skills, listening and linguistic skills.

LAW: The offices regularly seek law student interns to assist staff attorneys in legal research, preparation of legal documents, and work with clients.

You will learn a lot about the legal system. You will also have the possibility to attend to trials to see in the Court what you have previously studied. You would go along with your supervisor.

The teams of lawyers are very dynamic and they always have much work. For that reason the participants will be able to learn much in just a short time on the laws.

MARKETING: Learn aspects of public relations and marketing at small companies: event management, membership, program marketing, direct mailing, grants, sponsorships, marketing ventures and newsletter production.

Research, analyze and monitor market trends in a competitive environment.

Review and prepare mailing lists.

For those who want to work as public relations, that is also possible.

PSYCHOLOGY: Opportunities exist at corporations, non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, government agencies, etc.

Internships are available in:

  • Clinical/mental health settings (for example, drug intervention programs, treatment centers for children, programs for the homeless)
  • Health/developmental settings (nursing home care, Red Cross administration, Planned Parenthood)
  • Industrial/organizational psychology (personnel, human resources, selection and training)

Interns should select internships that are consistent with their interests and goals.

SOCIAL WORK. Work with other human rights activists and people who want a better world to design an internship for that works for YOU!

Self-motivation, creativity and enthusiasm are required! We will help you refine your idea and make it happen.

Public Relations and development assist to coordinate planning, promotion and execution of public programs and special events. Individuals interested in a career in the non-profit development, fundraising and marketing world would particularly benefit from this experience.

SPORTS. This task will offer interns an opportunity to explore issues that are relevant to high performance including communications skills, problem solving and ethical decision-making.

Interns receive leadership and supervisory experiences in all aspects of our comprehensive program including: informal recreation, sport clubs, outdoor recreation, fitness, facilities management, etc. Design and management of programs for increasing strength, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination. Dietary assessment and recognizing sports injuries are part of the program.

THEOLOGICAL STUDIES. It is designed for persons who want to develop their personal values, faith, and/or professional ministries through academic inquiry, systematic reflection, and experiential learning.

This internship encourages students to explore and affirm their own roots and traditions, and to develop intellectual competence in the context of Christian/Jewish/Muslim/ community and service. In addition, students can strengthen their own commitments and grow in respect for and appreciation of the roots, traditions and commitments of others.

Students come from many backgrounds and religious traditions and bring to their studies a variety of goals and hopes for the future.

TOURISM & TRAVEL. The intern will work on a number of projects, helping with the day to day running of the placement.

Interested individuals would be expected to exhibit patience, dependability, creativity and flexibility. The intern will assist in organizing events, meetings, etc. Marketing of areas, advertising strategies for areas, co-operative advertising and marketing, organizational skills, travel booking & reservation skills, etc.

Program Price Term
Internships in Spain 800 € unique rate

Included in the Price: Pick up from the airport and Accommodation.

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