Schools for learning Spanish in Bilbao

Instituto Hemingway designs and delivers customized programs for individuals and groups who want to learn about other cultures by studying or working abroad.

Instituto Hemingway is a Spanish language school in Bilbao that was born in Spain, created by bilingual people who have worked both in education and outside it for a long time.

From personal experience, we have mastered the ins and outs of traveling, living and working in another country.

No matter which program you choose, how long you stay, where you want to go or what language you speak, our goal is to help our participants fully immerse themselves in another culture. Each program is structured to help you learn about the language, customs and lifestyles of the local people.

Instituto Hemingway Ltd. is a Limited Company listed on the Commercial Register of Vizcaya Volume 3892 Book 0 Page 201 Section 8 Leaf: BI-27633 with CIF: B95087375

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