Follow the Course for Spanish Professors in August

01 Aug 2017

In August we’re going to go ahead with Spanish teachers courses. If you want to train as a Spanish teachers, in this month of August you have the opportunity to take the Spanish teachers course with us.

Our tutors will be available throughout the month of August.

So if you are enrolled or if you will do it during the month, remember that you can take advantage of this month to advance with your traineeship as a Spanish teacher.

Remember that the Course for Spanish teacher is particularly geared to Spanish native speakers who wish to orient their career towards teaching Spanish to foreigners.

This course introduces us to the world of teaching Spanish and gives us the tools needed to successfully address a Spanish lesson. We wanted to create a constantly updated course offering the new Spanish teacher Concepts, techniques and resources to work successfully in a Spanish class.

The Distance Course has an estimated 80 hours duration that is structured in six specially designed modules to facilitate the student's understanding of the subject. Each module offers examples that enrich the content and illustrate the learning dynamics in the classroom.

We address the essential contents of Spanish didactics including elements relating to methodology, language skills, classroom resources, Spanish grammar and assessment.

The content is especially practical so that at the end of the course you will feel prepared and prepared to face a class of Spanish at any MCER level (from A1 to C2).

We pay particular attention to knowledge and the use of teaching resources to work in the classroom, with reference to published materials, resource analysis, and examples of activities and content.

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