Spanish courses in Bilbao and tasting of cavas and turrones on January 31 2018

28 Jan 2018

On monday, january 31, 2018 we will have the stimulating opportunity to enjoy another tasting of cavas. All students of Spanish courses are invited to participate in this cultural and free activity.

We will learn about sparkling wines and cavas and about the Spanish language and try Spanish turrón. Turrón is a Christmas dessert made with almonds and honey and the main and most typical Christmas product in Spain.

The selection of cavas is international: Badagoni, Medot, Jaume Serra Brut

As regards the Badagoni Brut, it is an Esmuso wine from the Republic of Georgia. The wine is made from the Mcvane variety, gathered around the historic Alaverdi monastery in the Kajetia region. Mcvane is the standard high quality variety of white wines from Kajetia. The variety gets its name (Mcvane means green) thanks to the yellowish-green hue of the fruit.

The next brut that we are going to taste on this occasion, Medott comes from Slovenia based on varieties: first Pinot Noir, after a few days Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla two weeks later.
It is a new "young" line of sparkling wine, which has aged with yeast for only 48 months. Its external appearance gives us reason to believe that it will be a very rich and elegant sparkling wine despite its youth.

Appearance: the small and subtle bubbles are lively and energetic. Yellow-green and golden, the mixture of freshness and maturity is evident at first sight.

Aroma: the nose is fresh, fruity and mineral. The ripe Golden Delicious tone predominates, which is superimposed with a smell of white peach and almond blossom. In the background, we can perceive mild autolytic tones of 4-year aging in yeast dregs.

Taste: We can perceive cakes, cakes, white fruits and citrus fruits, as well as a harmonious flavor of minerals, with a long and convincing finish.

With respect to the Cava Jaume Serra Brut it must be said that the type of grape used for the elaboration is Parellada Macabeo and Xarel -which represent the three wineries par excellence of the Cavas. Jaume Serra is located on the top of a hill that descends towards the Mediterranean Sea in Villanova La Geltrú (Barcelona).

It has its origins in a 1647 walled estate that since the seventeenth century served as protection to an old farmhouse-fortress that, according to legend, had a passage that connected it with the town.

The current winery is surrounded by an estate of 125 hectares of vineyards

Come and have fun with us. If you're passionate about wine and Spanish, this is the perfect occasion.

We wait for you here :D

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