Free cultural activities with the Spanish courses in Bilbao: January 2018

28 Dec 2017

We already have the new cultural activities agenda ready for the month of January 2018 in our Spanish school in Bilbao . You can download it here or consult it in the agenda of activities on the web All the activities are free and have the objective that you can meet other students and learn more about the culture and the city and, of course, improve your Spanish .

Happy New Year! We hope that being with your family and friends has left you with a lot of energy to be able to overcome a new year full of fun activities . For day 3rd January , we have a luxurious Rolls Royce car show at the Euskalduna Palace . The collection that will be presented covers a century of style regarding this brand and will tell us about the famous people who have used these cars. The day 8th January at 17:00 pm we have a winter activity: we will go to skate on ice; we can enjoy a track that is at > open air in the middle of the city. The feet during this week will not stay calm because for the day 10 a Class of Salsa is scheduled to begin to know this type of dance or to review what in other classes we have learned.

We are going to visit the most important museums of the city. So we have considered that the 15th January is a great date to visit the Guggenheim Museum. The scaled work of Frank Gehry that inspired by the old shipyards of Bilbao astonishes us with its peculiar boat shape and its contemporary trend. Following architecture, visiting the Hanging Bridge in Portugalete is another success to enjoy a monument that is World Heritage . For those people who want something more recreational, the 23th January we will play pool to clear a bit of the Monday before this day. We will also visit the Museum of Fine Arts , the Basque Museum, among other days.

As for the gastronomy during this month, we have some good chocolates with churros for the day 9th January as we will have the visit of the Mexican food on the 17th January with our favorite Mexican, Rodrigo.
All this comes together with other excursions that come to be a visit to the bullring , eat some delicious Iberian ham sandwiches , our wine tasting and its different flavors. With so much movement, you know that always every Friday we will eat pintxos to which you are cordially invited always.

Learn Spanish can be in many ways, in the end you know that in Instituto Hemingway, with you is different.

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