Spanish courses and art and sculpture classes in Bilbao

14 Feb 2018

Certainly, these three types of art can be mixed in unforgettable summer days in Spain. While you learn the Spanish language with qualified teachers with the ELE title, you can paint and sculpt in the evenings or continue with your current technique and improve it. Bilbao is a city that emanates art. At every corner you can find a different artistic manifestation. On the other hand, with the famous museums that we have around us you can enjoy magnificent exhibitions that change month by month.
Being then already in Spain, you can even take the train or bus to go to visit the Prado Museum or also travel to the Alhambra and be able to draw the landscapes of the south of the peninsula as long ago the craftsmen themselves did.
These courses are focused on people who want to express themself in a visual way everything they feel or see. The city of Bilbao has a weight of image to such an extent that you can draw many areas that are magical.

Come with Institute Hemingway to this epic adventure where books and free cultural activities are included in the price.
With these activities you can meet other people of all around the world. We have had many students who have delighted us with their artistic gifts and have ended up giving us a drawing or picture that we have always loved. If you want to be part of it, with us it is possible.

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