The Rugby Finals in Bilbao Come Alive in Spanish!

07 May 2018

The city of Bilbao will be the centre of attention for 115 countries, with fans coming from all over the world. So for the next few days, the streets of the now world capital of rugby will be filled with the sound of various languages.

All of this has been laid out for you to be able to enjoy the city to the fullest, together with a sporty vibe in the city and an improved metro service for this big event. However, we know that some people barely know how to speak Spanish or only know the odd word which this week sounds a lot like 'beer'!

So if you are interested in learning more Spanish, we encourage you to sign up to a Spanish course taught near the heart of the city.

The excitement over these days will allow you to be surrounded by local people who will always be pleased to speak to you in Spanish. People will even thank you for trying to speak the language and you will be able to share some great moments together.

In case you want to interact a bit with other people, here are some useful phrases which you could use:

¿Dónde está el baño? = Where are the toilets?

Quiero una cerveza por favor = I would like a beer, please

¿Me podrías decir cómo llegar a este lugar por favor? = Could you tell me how to get to this place, please?

¡Quiero que mi equipo gane! = I want my team to win!

If you have managed to learn these phrases in just 5 minutes, imagine the benefits of doing a Spanish course for a week when you will have 20 hours of Spanish, with teachers who have years of experience and are qualified ELE teachers, together with free cultural activities through which you can get to know other places in the city, among many other surprises.

Sport and languages are both activities which you can perfect with practise and passion. So don't miss out on the opportunity to make this sporty stay in Bilbao an experience in which you will also learn a new language.

We look forward to seeing you!

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