Spanish Course Students in Bilbao go on a Sailing Boat Ride

15 May 2018

On the 30th May, our students will become little sailors on a sailing boat for a special activity that we have chosen to finish off the month with.

It will consist in a ride along the beautiful Basque coast. Cruising the seas of Cantabria, 6 lucky students will be able to have the experience of going on one of these sailing boats along with the Head of Education at our school, Alfredo. Of course on this occasion, there will not only be splashes from the water and the sea breeze, but also from some good wine that we will enjoy along the ride.

The captain will be able to teach us a few basic technical things about the boat, then we will be able to soak up the blue sky and the sea, listen to the seagulls and sounds of the wind, as well as notice small clumps of salt from the sea air settling in our noses! Without a doubt, although it is a fairly short journey through our city, the company we have chosen, Atlantik Charter, has a series of other routes among which we have noticed that this year they have started to offer journeys on the Ionic Sea which make stops on the islands Corfu and Palairos.

Besides, a little closer we have some amazing routes along the Costa Blanca. So with a float of sailing boats like the Sun Odyssey 39i or the Sun Odyssey 51.9, we have this luxury right on our doorstep.

If you would like more information about our Spanish courses and while you're at it, if you want to hire a sailing boat to go from port to port practising what you have learnt, this is your place to go to!

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