The Best Places to Study Spanish in Bilbao!

25 May 2018

The city of Bilbao is known for having places which are incredibly peaceful. So with the good weather that has appeared recently, we are going to tell you about these places which you can go and visit to study Spanish or simply to relax.

1. Bidebarrieta Library

Located in Bidebarrieta street in the old town, this is a building with an eclectic, French style. Constructed at the end of the 19th Century, it now represents one of the most emblematic places in Bilbao that has more than 100,000 books as well as a beautiful interior and free Internet.

2. Doña Casilda Park

If you keep walking all along Gran Vía and cross Plaza Moyúa, on the right you can see the entrance to the dreamiest of parks. The residents often know it as 'the duck park' because in the middle lies a big pond where various birds live in harmony. There’s no doubt that you will be able to revise your Spanish calmly under a tree in this colourful and peaceful park.

3. The Botica Vieja walk

This time you'll find yourself next to the river and near to the neighbourhood of Deusto. Along the walk, you will find gardens and benches which you can enjoy to the fullest, as the atmosphere is pleasant and you can soak up the tranquillity of the river. We therefore recommend this place, as it is perfect for chilling or reading a book and also close to the university areas.

4. The Azkuna Centre

In the past, this place was used for storing goods. However, now it is a cultural centre where you can find a library, a gym, swimming pools, cinemas and more. Many people therefore love it, as you can both study and have a good time all under one roof.

All these places and other hidden gems in the city are just an example of how Bilbao has managed to adapt to the needs of modern life. So with the title of Best European City 2018, we invite you to come and do a Spanish course with us to improve your language skills and enjoy the summer!

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