Wine Tasting: Activities with Spanish Courses 3rd July 2018

26 Jun 2018

Are you ready for another super-interesting taste test? Well on the 3rd July there will be a new chance to satisfy your wonders about wine. All the students who are doing Spanish courses here are invited to come to the wine tasting. The aim of this wine tasting activity is to appreciate the different tastes of all the wines according to the type of grape chosen and the age of the wine, as well as the time it has spent in the barrel.

This time we have chosen three very special wines; refreshing white wines to enjoy in the heat.

- Petit Blanc Sao 2015
A wine from the Costers del Segre winery, made up of white Garnatxa, Macabeu and Viornier. This is an organic wine which stands out by its pale greeny-yellow colour. It has an intense tropical fruit, white fruit and floral aroma with the presence of citrus fruit. When you taste it, it is sweet, rich, fresh and fruity.

- NIETRO de Sommos 2016
Wine that comes from the D.O. Catalayud. Nietro Blanco is made after a pre-fermentation cold soak for 4 hours. After a light pressing, the grape juice is obtained, which then ferments at a temperature of 16’C. Nietro Blanco is a pale yellow wine with clear, bright greenish reflections. It has intense fruity aromas, with spicy notes and roasted nuances. It is smooth, rich and intense with a long and refined aftertaste.

- Bodega Kapličky Chardonay 2015
Moravia is a region in the Czech Republic which has exceptional wine. On this occasion, we will try wine from the Bodeda de la Family Winery U Kapličky that was founded in 2005 and which focuses on quality wine production from grapes cultivated in their own vineyards. It is made with a Chardonay base.

Don't think any more about it and come to our new wine tasting event. It will be the perfect chance to learn more Spanish, get to know more about the wines and socialise with others.

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