The New August Cultural Activity Calendar Is Here!

25 Jul 2018

Our students greatly appreciate the cultural activities we offer them each month. These activities allow the students to visit Bilbao, make new friends and practice their Spanish. Plus, these activities are totally free! You can download this month’s calendar below.

On Thursday, August 2nd 2018, we have decided to bring the group to the Old Port in Algorta. The students will be able to walk through this Basque neighborhood and let themselves be seduced by its coastal charm.

On the 6th, we will kick off the week on the right foot by bringing the group to play bowling. On Tuesday, the activity is none other than the infamous wine tasting! This activity is brought to you by our fine wine connoisseur, Alfredo, who knows how to select the best wines to awaken your taste buds.

Another activity suggested this month will get the students to discover the gastronomic side of the Basque region. This month, the students will have the pleasure of visiting an Iberic ham bar, an authentic Spanish dish and a must! Speaking of musts, a visit to the Guggenheim museum is also planned where the group will be able to admire some of the world’s greatest work of arts.

The second to last week of August, the students will have the chance to take part in the Aste Nagusia festivities, here, in Bilbao! An annual festival that takes over every corner of every street and allows younger and older to immerse themselves in the Basque culture. We have planned two days, the 22nd and 23rd, to bring the group to watch a special theatre performance taking place outside. Also, the students will be able to savour talos: a crepe made from wheat flour filled with chorizo or cheese and other ingredients. A real treat!

Finally, following the Bilbao festivities, we are suggesting a visit to the Portugalete bridge as well as a day to go and enjoy a frozen treat.

These activities allow the students, not only to practice their Spanish and learn more about the culture, but also, helps build strong connections with other students and make new friends!

We are waiting for you!

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