Spanish Course And White Wines: New Activity August 29th 2018

22 Aug 2018

Following the beautiful weather, we will be tasting three new white wines.

On August 29th at 7:30 PM, you will have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity when it comes to wines. All of our Spanish course students are invited to participate in this tasting. The objective? Learn more and appreciate the different flavors offered by the variety of grapes used in production.

And so, we have carefully selected three special white wines: two from Somontano and the third one from the Canary Islands.

Sommos Varietales 2016

This first wine comes from the Sommos wine cellar and is harvested at night. With a pre-fermentation maceration, lasting approximately 5 hours, this wine lies on lees for 4 months. Its variety of grapes comes from Chardonnay, Gewüstraminer and Pinot Noir. It has a straw-yellow color with silver highlights and its aroma is fruity with notes of tropical fruits as well as floral. On the palate, it’s distinguished by its delicate entry that gives way to a bold taste and balanced structure leaving way to a long and elegant aftertaste.

Glárima de Sommos 2017

This second wine, also from the Sommos wine cellar, is a 2017 wine made from a variety of Chardonnay and Gewüstraminer grapes which are grown on lees for 3 months. It is pale yellow in color with greenish highlights. Its complex aroma holds exotic fruit notes as well as floral. On the palate, it is sweet, lively and holds a balance structure that gives way to a long and elegant aftertaste.

Viña La vica
This wine from the Canary Islands comes from a special variety of volcanic malvasia.

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