Activity and Spanish Classes: Wine tasting September 18th 2018

08 Sep 2018

This month, we will be tasting high quality red wines. On September 18th, at 7PM, Instituto Hemingway will be hosting a wine tasting night where you will get the chance to satisfy your curiosity when it comes to wines. All of our students are welcome to participate in this activity. The objective of this tasting is to appreciate different red wines from various regions in Spain as well as different levels of aging. For this occasion, we have selected three special wines: two reserva wines and a special vintage one.

Sommos Reseva 2015

Produced with Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah, this red wine undergoes a malolactic fermentation inside cement vats. The aging process is done in young French oak barrels for a duration of 12 months. Following this period, the "final assembly" is performed.

Its color: An intense cherry red that graduates towards ruby tones on the edge of the glass.

Its aroma: Complex aromas reminding us of dehydrated fruits, leaves and hints of barrels with notes of cinnamon and cigar boxes.

On the palate: A wine with a hit of soft, fine and round tannin flavors that fills the palate with a very pleasant sensation that lengthens.

Lan Reserva 2011

The Lan Reserva 2011 was born from a vintage qualified as Excellent and is one of the biggest from the 21st century. The Tempranillo grape, found mostly in this varietal blend, presents a wine that is subtle yet mature resulting in a complex wine with a great aromatic richness ensuring an extraordinary route.

Its color: Fully covered with a garnet cherry color

Its aroma: Fine on the nose with intense aromas of seasoned red fruits, spices (pepper and cloves); memories of blond tobacco and aromatic herbs appear as well as notes of noble wood.

On the palate: An excellent balance; tasty, friendly, silky and a sweet integration of tanning can be found; acidic but fluid and leaving way to a long and persistent finish.

Tridente Cuvee especial 2016

Lastly, we present you a wine produced in Villanueva de Campeán, in the heart of the very well known Tierre del Vino Zamora, in the winery Tridente.

In this small winery, a selection of red wines is produced using a variety of Tempranillo, Prieto Picudo and Mencía.

The wine you will taste is made from a variety of tempranillo and ferments in French and American oak barrels. It is then aged for a period of 12 months before bottling.

Its color: Flashes of a purplish cherry color with an added layer

Its aroma: Complex and intense, presenting aromas of black and red fruits in jam (blackberries and plums), roasted notes, juanala, roasted coffee as well as notes of spices and high-quality wood. An expressive wine in its olfactory stage.

On the palate: Large with a voluminous body, this tasty wine has a noble tannic expression and a good level of acidity. It has a fine and roasted sensation as well as mineral. Long in mouth, the taste evolved very well in bottle.

We will be waiting for you on September 18th with our great wine selection!

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