The new October activities and Spanish courses in Bilbao

28 Sep 2018

The air is a little colder but the sun is still shining and the beautiful season of autumn has begun! October is here meaning we have a brand new month of free cultural activities for our students, here, at Instituto Hemingway!

This month, we will kick things off on a high note (literally!) as we will be making our way to the top of Mount Artxanda by funicular. The following day, a visit to the Guggenheim museum is planned where many great temporary exhibits are on display. Amongst them, you will be able to view the works of Javier Téllez and his film installation called Shadow Play as well as the long awaited Thannhauser collection making its way to Bilbao, all the way from New York! You will be able to admire the works of some of the greatest artists of all time such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Cézanne, Manet and others. Later that same week, Instituto Hemingway will be hosting the first wine tasting evening out of 2 this month with our very own wine connoisseur Alfredo!

The week of October 8th is a short 4-day week as Friday, October 12th is a holiday but we still have a packed week planned! On Monday, we will be visiting the beautiful Santiago Cathedral, nestled in the old headquarters in the heart of Bilbao. On the 9th, a gastronomic adventure is planned where will we savor the rich flavors of Jamón Ibérico by eating bocatas. We will end this short week in a grand manner with a friendly competition of foosball in one of Casco Viejo’s bar.

On October 17th, a visit to the Old Port is scheduled. So far, the weather promises to be sunny however, things can always change here in the Basque Country as most of you will experience. Rain or shine, this neighborhood will charm our students with its narrow and steep cobblestone roads, beautiful houses and views out onto the river throwing itself out into the sea. On the Friday 19th of October, like every Friday, we dine as a family during our weekly Pintxos night!

Furthermore, we will be hosting a second wine tasting evening on October 23rd at 7PM with a new selection of fine wines for you to try! On the 24th, a Pub Quiz evening is scheduled where we will be testing your knowledge on different topics. A great way to practice your Spanish, learn a few things while enjoying a tasty beverage and making new friends!

As October comes to an end, we will finish it off beautifully by going for a bicycle ride around Bilbao on the 29th. A different way to see the city. On the 30th we have a delicious “foodie” activity planned for you! We will be heading to a bar in Casco Viejo to sample an array of potato tortillas, a staple of the Spanish cuisine! Finally, to somewhat celebrate Halloween, we will be heading to the cinema to watch a suspense/thriller!

Another month filled with great and free cultural activities for you to practice your Spanish and see Bilbao! There is truly no better way to learn a language than by immersing yourself in culture.

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