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08 Nov 2018

The Instituto Hemingway will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in January 2019. Since we opened, we’ve seen many students from over 80 different nationalities come and go. We only have one goal: offer quality Spanish courses at a competitive price as well as offer a cultural immersion. Over the years, we’ve gone through several stages to achieve a higher-level quality such as: being open all year long, offering a reasonable and acceptable number of students per class and guaranteeing the student’s course even if he finds himself being the only one taking the specific assigned level that week. We respect the student and wish the best for his learning which is why our classrooms are equipped with advanced technologies (Wi-Fi available, projectors, laptops, etc.) in addition to educational materials available right from the first day of class. Also, we ensure a young and dynamic atmosphere, friendly and helpful front desk staff as well as qualified and experienced teachers.

It’s difficult to satisfy all students’ needs, however, our goal at the end of each year is to be able to say: “Thank you all for trusting us and making the Spanish lessons fun and unique”. We are a group of friends who wanted to follow Ernest Hemingway’s example: having fun, enjoying the company of our traveler-students in addition to teaching Spanish. Every day, from Monday to Friday, after school hours, we organize cultural and leisure activities that allow our students a fun and interesting integration into Bilbao.

In 2006, we were accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and this year 2018, we also obtained the accreditation to pass the official DELE exams as well as the exams to obtain the Spanish nationality. In addition, we continue to focus on the quality and openness of new markets in our favorite city: Bilbao.

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