Sake and fragrant wines the 6th February: activity with Spanish courses.

02 Feb 2019

Wednesday 6th February we have a tasting special day.

Nami is a Japanese student and she is going to teach us about Sake, its preparation and the importance of this drink in Japan.
Therefore, on 6th February at 7pm we will have the opportunity to have a different tasting where we will taste two wines from Japan together with two sweet wines, one from Oporto in Portugal and a fragrant one from Jerez.
The wines from Oporto and those from Jerez have a lot in commune. Although their production is different they are generous wines headed with a higher contents of sugar and ideal for accompanying deserts and cooking.
It is all an experience and a contrast of flavours.
All the students of the Spanish course are invited to participate in the tasting in which we will have special Japanese teachers.

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