A student from the UK carries out a Spanish course in Bilbao

06 Feb 2019

This morning our new friend Peter has arrived punctually from Cardiff.

He chose Bilbao because he says that it is the city that looks mirrors the style of the UK. He says that the typical person from Bilbao carries an umbrella, and it is the normal way to do business and he always an English style. Also Athletic was founded by the British.

The first thing that he did when he arrived was go to the Corte Inglés to buy some tea bags and a kettle. Now I am saved he says. He has bought some English biscuits with him to accompany this moment of the day that just as important as our siesta.

He says that it was hard to get used to the timetables here for eating and dinner. This is the worst part of it but as he lives in one of shared apartments of the School he organised him time. As he is still too young to go home early at night he goes to the Marzana and drinks artisan beers such as La Salve .

He says that the worst day of the year, was when he was born, known in the world as Blue Monday but he takes advantage of this circumstance and he books tickets at special prices as the airlines offer trips to all over Europe at very cheap prices.

Peter has improved his Spanish a lot because he is very motived and he has been with a teacher with whom he has connected with a lot. Peter has problems with the subjunctive but he has made a bet with his other classmates (the British love to bet) that at the end of the 8 weeks that he has bought he will be able to master the subjunctive without committing an error.

Yesterday he came past me in the office and he asked me in Spanish: "Do you want to have a piece of Spanish tortilla with me?" and I answered "Of course" and this time I took him as a consequence of his Spanish progress

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