Activity with Spanish courses: wine tasting 20th March 2019

12 Mar 2019

This March we are going to try excellent quality red wines. Three wines of well known reserves.

Next 20th March at 19:00 we are going to have a new opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about wines. All the students from the Spanish courses are invited to to participate in the tasting. The objective of this tasting is to compare three reserve wines from Rioja and Ribera de Duero.

For this occasion we have chosen three very special wines; red wines from the reserve.

- Condado de Hazo 2014

Condado de Haza is the second winery built by Alejandro Ferández in the Ribera del Duero. In the close locality of Roa cultive their fetish variety in a winery situated on a hillside on poor floors and perfect southly orientation. In total, 200 hectres from a winery that surrounds the winery for the grapes that arrive with clarity and the best state possible at the immoveable elebratory.

Upon viewing it presents a pretty red cherry colour with ruby colour, with a very well covered layer.

Upon on the nose it is elegant and intense, unfolding aromas of fruit of the woods seasoned (blueberries, strawberries and blackberries) with notes of a special series (pepper and oregano), magnificent balsamic touches and memories of the low mountain.

Upon seeing it it presents a pretty picota cherry red colour, with a very well covered layer.

The nose results elegant and intense, unfolding aromas of fruits of the wood at seasoning (blueberries, strawberries and blackberries) together with spices (pepper and oregano), magnificent balsamic touches (eucaplityptus and licorice) and memories of a small mountain.

The mouth confirms its elegance in the nose, being smooth and velvety, with a noble tannin and well molten. It closes with a large and persistent final, with intoxicating memories of vanilla.

La Reserva 2011

La Reserva 2011 makes an added graded as an excellent and one of the biggest of the XXI century. The early grape, aged with a varied coupage, presents us with a subtle and mature hit, obtaining a result as a complicated wine, with a rich aroma and extraordinary walk. Its correct raising its omen a large life ahead.

Of a cherry colour and well covered. Smooth in the nose, intense, it appears with a red fruit seasoned, spices (peppers and clovers), memories of blonde tabacco and amarotic herbs; wood. With an excellent balance in the mouth, tasty, pleasant, silky, sweet tannins, made of oil, fluid and with a long and persistant finish.

Barón de Oña Reserva 2014

Based on Tempranillo from a particular selection of different plots in Páganos (Álava): Camino de Laguardia, San Martín and Vallecilla. After choosing the most suitable wines for this blend, they were aged in American (60%) and French (40%) oak barrels for 16 months. It shows a cherry red color with exposed tile trim. In its fine and intense nose, it shows aromas of seasoned ripe fruit, spicy notes, pastry touches and memories of blond tobacco together with pleasant sensations of aromatic herbs. The palate is tasty, with excellent balance and kindness. It develops melted tannins in the whole and a kind step, resulting silky and enveloping, with an elegant and long finish.

We are waiting for you on March 20 with these interesting wines

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