Spanish student from Poland signs up to our Spanish courses

12 Mar 2019

For the first time in a long time a new Polish student has arrived at our Spanish school, Lukas, 25 years old. He arrived last Monday with a calm air and a yellow sweater that highlighted his extroverted and dynamic personality. His Spanish is not very good yet but thanks to our teacher he learns fast and well. Today he explained to us in Polish the tradition of receiving guests with bread and salt. The typical Pole tells us, he likes to talk about his family and politics, his dreams and his aspirations. Although he complains, the optimistic side always prevails. She came to study with us on the recommendation of a friend she studied with us in 2009, and she is excited about everything that Bilbao offers. He says that Basque character is very similar to Polish. On the street you can show reserved but in the short distance the ice breaks soon. The Polish, like that of Bilbao, likes long after-dinner talks. It is very interesting everything that counts as kissing the older ladies in the hand when greeting them. It seems that the tuteo has been imposed here and good manners, courtesy, leaving a seat to the pregnant woman or the elderly, opening the door to the woman first or giving a tip are lost.


Lukas like almost all the people of the East with the languages, learns at cruising speed and wants to discover everything that the culture in Spanish can offer. Today we went to the Guggenheim Museum and have been absorbed in seeing how impressive the building is. After leaving there he went with our Spanish students to take some Rioja wines through the Casco Viejo and from there to dance to the fashionable disco, Caribbean rhythms and reggeaton.


Lukas does not want to go back to Poland. He has even dared to go to Sopelana beach in winter. He says that he never gets a cold. Our student of Polish Spanish is a true reference in the school and will soon be awarded with the assistance at a higher level of his Spanish class.

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