Our Spanish students visit Arriaga Theatre to see an Spanish opera Zarzuela

04 Apr 2019

Here at Instituto Hemingway we always want to give every student the opportunity to experience the cultural side of Bilbao .

We try to be innovative with our ideas for daily activities and immerse our students in the lifestyle of Bilbao as much as possible. The Arraiga Theatre is a symbol of fantastic operas, plays and musicals it has hosted since the 19th century . On 3rd April we were able to experience its magic atmosphere. We went to see the opera ‘La luna de miel en el Cairo’ . We have always been able to admire the theatre from the window of out school, so it was a pleasure to be able to go and visit it together.

The activity was very popular and a large group of us went, from beginner to advanced levels. Despite the differing levels of language skills, everyone enjoyed the opera. The bright dazzling costumes, the singing skills and the acting skills were able to catch all of our attention. Even if we did not all understand every part of the story line, the music sticks in our head and left a big impression. Furthermore, our guide was able to explain the popularity of this opera not only in Bilbao , but all over Spain. We believe that learning Spanish does not stop in our classrooms, and theatre helps to bring the skills we have learnt to life. Additionally, we can use this experience as an interesting topic for speaking classes. In fact, after we saw this opera we all went to eat pintxos together and to have some red wine . We hope you can join us next time.

To finish off this fantastic experience, we discovered that we are in the newspaper, like a group of famous people! El Correo the local newspaper in Bilbao published this photo of a group of students, in recognition of the enthusiasm our students showed for the opera.

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