International wine tasting with spanish courses in Bilbao: On the 7th may

20 Apr 2019

This month of May we will try international wines.

On May 7, 2019 at 7:00 p.m., we will have a new opportunity to taste international wines that have appelead the attention several students of the Spanish course.

We will have a wine from Australia, another from Argentina and another from Italy

- Finca Santa Bella - Argentina Malbec 2018

It is a red wine of the typical variety of Argentina. Malbec A young red wine with an intense aroma of fruits and spices. A soft and fresh taste reminiscent of red fruits and a hint of vanilla. Ideal for barbecued meats or simply pasta. Argentinian style

30 Mile - Australia 2018

We have a wine that has traveled a lot. A young wine from 2018 made with Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas and flavors of strawberries and interesting notes of black currant.
The name of the 30 mile wine suggests the area of ​​willows where the vineyards are located. Australia stands out for its lands and how they are introduced to wine.

  Campolaia - Tuscany - Italy 2017

Now we have a wine that comes from the heart of Tuscany. A very fruity red wine with an intense and deep flavor that reminds us of berries, sweet spices and a delicate vanilla aftertaste. A wine with an intense body and a long and persistent finish that is ideal to accompany Italian pasta and red meats.

We wait for you on May 7th to try these interesting wines.

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