Bilbao: ecological destination with little environmental impact

15 Jul 2019

The city of Bilbao, which is in the North of Spain, enjoys a great fame in terms of being a colourful place, primarily because of the perfect fusion of sea and mountains. But aside from its geography and its beautiful landscapes that we can find very close to the main city… What is ecological about this city?

- The tradition of nature

The Basque society has since its creation known to live together with the natural resources that have been provided. If we make a journey through the history, we see that in its music, paintings and literature, the forests and the coasts were always reference points. On the other hand, it has also served as an example for the ability to overcome an industrial past. The city of Bilbao experienced an extraordinary cleaning process that without doubt marks a before and after in being a city of services.

-Different transports:

The city of Bilbao has a perfect size for visiting. If you are a person that prefers to explore the city through walking, you will not be disappointed by the city of Nervión with its paths and big streets. Nevertheless, the metro of Bilbao also has a series of transports that now promote environmental care. The metro and the tram are electrical, the busses of the city are more frequently incorporating new units which leave behind those that worked with petrol. The progress of the city also rises with the adoption in favour of the use of bicycles.

-Correct separation of waste:

The city council of Bilbao has pursued this factor in this way that there are now containers for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, oil and organic waste and if one wants to donate clothes or old toys. The city has an extreme cleanliness thanks to the maintenance services of the city.

- Local business:

More and more shops and bars give new resolutions for the reduction of paper or plastics as well as vegetarian suggestions and the love of making home-made products against the great factories is a phenomenon in the city.

Among these reasons and many other smaller ones, Bilbao has many pleasant surprises to be a visited city.

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