The activities in August for the students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao

30 Jul 2019

We are in the last stage of summer in the city of Bilbao. Therefore, we have all the energy to do these fun activities:

On 5 August at 18:00 we are going to the Museum of Fine Arts to look at different styles of art from the mediaeval times to the authors of the 20th century. Moreover, for several months we will have the exhibition of the artist Zuloaga. A painter whose work is mainly based in portraits and that show the harsh reality typical for realists. On the other hand, we find the ABC of art in the other zone of the museum. In each room is a picture that is defined with a word and it that place are works related to it.

Afterwards, on the 7th of August we will be going to the Plaza Nueva to eat a potato tortilla. This traditional dish comes in enough variants making it possible to find loads of varieties in one bar. All of this will be accompanied by a glass of Txakoli.

On August 13 we are going to spend the day in the Maritime Museum. This is a place where we can learn about the history surrounding the construction of boats and the past and the importance the estuary of Bilbao has had.

In the same week we will also visit the Guggenheim Museum to be able to enjoy modern and cutting-edge art.

In August the most important festival is approaching. The Aste Nagusia. From the 17th to the 24th the city will become a celebration. Therefore, we have a week full of activities to got to see the celebrations, theatres, bullfights and much more.

In the last week we will have a wine tasting to end the celebrations on a high note. This is followed by a visit to our cereal bar on the next day.

Like every Friday we have our classic pintxos dinner where we will meet with our classmates to chat about their time here and practice our Spanish.

The cultural activities are completely free for the students of the Spanish course in Bilbao. It is included in the price of each course and you can participate in as many as you want.

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