Wine tasting on August 26th with the Spanish courses!

06 Aug 2019

On August 26th at 19:00 the students of the Spanish courses meet for a special wine tasting, because this time they are sparkling wines! These wines come from Italy and Spain and with their fruity, light and refreshing taste, they are perfect for summer.

Pink Moscato TOSTI – 2013

Pink Moscato is a sparkling wine that comes directly form Italy, more precisely from the region Piemonte and it is produced from Moscato grapes. It has aromas of raspberry, notes of red berries and black cherries that unfold on the palate and those aromas are clearly noticeable in the aftertaste. The flavours of fresh berries develop into a delicate sweetness of honey. The wine has bubbles as sweet as love, delicate and scented like rose petals, lively and surprising, like shockingly pink! The Pink Moscato Tosti is perfect for aperitifs and all types of food, especially with sweet desserts and perfect for after work. Its fruity, refreshing and light character makes it a perfect wine for the summer.


The Prosecco DOC “I LIKE” is a new innovative wine from Italy. It is fresh and light with the minimum of residual sugar necessary to enhance the organoleptic characteristics and give the bubbles perfect elegance. It has a refreshing aroma with notes of pear and lemon. Glera’s expression is at its best. The Prosecco has a taste with a delicate balance between elegance and acidity. Reduced residual sugar emerges with a tidy, clean, spicy taste. Tosti Prosecco DOC "I LIKE" Brut is the result of a harmonious balance between the Prosecco (Glera) grapes (with controlled designation of origin) and the traditional and historical culture of Tosti. "I LIKE" is a pleasant combination, excellent for appetizers and go very well with all dishes, especially with pastas, white meats, fish and seafood.

Vives Ambròs Rosado Brut Reserva – 2018

It's a sparkling wine from Catalonia. It has a pale pink colour with a persistent bubble. Clean and bright, it stands out for its attractive pale pink colour. With a persistent bubble that forms a dense crown with the glass. With a fresh taste, with predominantly wild fruit aromas, blackberries, floral memories of fresh violets, and predominantly strawberry aromas. In the mouth we find a rich, dense and well-integrated carbonic. It is fresh, lively and complex at the same time, with lots of red fruit and a sweet liquorice finish. Its delicacy and freshness make it an ideal cava for aperitifs, rice dishes and pastas. It is also ideal to accompany seafood and fish.

We look forward to seeing you at this wine tasting at Instituto Hemingway on Monday, August 26th. All the students of the Spanish courses are invited.

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