The students of the Spanish courses in Bilbao discover the the ASTE NAGUSIA 2019 programme

14 Aug 2019

It is only three days until the festival of Bilbao starts. We are all very eager to see the pregonera and txupinera kick off the festivities at the Arriaga Theatre.

Even though we know that just like every year there are going to be fireworks every night that leave us in awe, but what else will be happening this year?

On Sunday we can highlight the following activities which wil be very interesting:

From the Basque Museum the pipers, Txistularis, giants and bigheads. They will make the streets theirs with music and dance.

On the other hand, in the Zabalbide street the Goitiberas will go really fast along the street to demonstrate who the fastest person at the festival is.

In the bullring the second bullfight of the season will close the second day of festivities, as well as in the Gran Via at 19:00 the classic Whale Parade, which brings more and more people together to follow its magical world.

We move on to Tuesday 20th August to show a typical game of the Basque Country which is interesting to see: At 11:00 in Karpagune there will take place the championship by couples of Frog. This game consists of throwing a chip into the mouth of a metal frog to get a point.

Like every day, the Toro de Fuego (“fire bull”) at 20:30 will be in the Plaza Arriaga.

The Basque sports will take place on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th at 12:00 in the Arenal.

Moreover, on Wednesday we will have the concert of the local music band of Music of Bilbao in the Kiosk of the Arenal.

In the plaza del gas the theatre of the street CIRQUE LA COMPAGNIE LÁVIS BIDON will perform.

These activities and many more are organised for this colourful week.

We leave the programme of the Aste Nagusia for you at the end of this news where you can download and have it on your mobile for easy consultation.

Do not miss this opportunity to get closer to the city's festivals and go out and experience them to improve your Spanish!

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