New activities at Instituto Hemingway in November

29 Oct 2019

Each month at Instituto Hemingway, we have a list of activities that we offer to our spanish students. Next month, in November, we are offering you a hugh variety of activities, from eating waffles, tasting the famous butter buns of Zuricalday's Pastry Martina, trying exquisite Iberian ham sandwiches and the pintxos of Bilbao's bars. As well as this there will be visits to museums, including to the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. We will also make a visit to the Azkuna center and enjoy an exhibition of Egypt in Deusto, Bilbao.

On one day we will go to the cinema, and enjoy a spanish film in good company. We will move our bodies with a spectacular salsa class and take advantage by burning calories as we learn some new dance moves. We will visit a great World Heritiage site and its hanging bridge; we hope that you don´t get vertigo! We will play pool, demonstrating the dexterity and strategy of how such a fascinating sport develops, we will laugh and enjoy tacos between game and then see who's going to be the victor.

We will also take the opportunity to share Thanksgiving, so that our students feel at home, where we will share gastronomy and find out what this celebration is all about.

Of course we cannot forget our famous wine tasting events as Alfredo shares his knowledge of wines. This month we are going to enjoy two wine tastings, including wines such as 'El Negociante' Nº1' and 'Alquez' amongst others.

We would like to share these fun and adventurous activities with you, so don't forget to sign up for each of them and thus enjoy different things to do each day, in the company of your fellow spanish students.

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