Escape the lockdown! Learn Spanish and enjoy Bilbao!

12 Nov 2020

The only fully accredited Spanish School in Bilbao

Tired of waiting? Come to Bilbao NOW!
Learning Spanish is Fun and Safe! And more affordable than ever! We will keep the same prices as in 2006.

Have classes with the best teachers!

All the teachers at our school are native Spanish speakers, with a university degree and specific training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The method we use is communicative, which means learning the language through using it in class, rather than just studying it passively.

The safety of our staff and students is our TOP priority!
It is proven that the virus is not spread at work or study
places where correct protective measures are taken!

We apply extensive COVID-19 safety measures in our school, to guarantee the safety of our staff and students: social distancing in spacious air-conditioned classrooms, exhaustive and regular cleaning, freely available hand washing facilities and disinfecting gels, comprehensive Covid-19 protocols for staff and students. All the students and teachers wear masks all the time! To further protect you, we measure the temperature of our students on their arrival at the school!

Can I travel to Bilbao from my country?

If you live in the European Union - you can come to Bilbao to study for any period of time! If your country is in lockdown and does not permit traveling to other countries for holidays, it is in the majority of cases still permitted for study trips! We will be happy to provide you with the necessary documents!

If you live outside the European Union, it is permitted to enter the EU, to come for longer courses, with visa type D - minimum 16 weeks of study!

Need to work remotely from Bilbao?
If you need to keep in touch with work during your time in Bilbao, choose a study timetable which fits your work timetable! Work comfortably, remotely, from your room in one of our apartments, or from a room at our school!

Limited COVID-19 restrictions in BILBAO

You are still FREE to enjoy Bilbao!
Bars and Restaurants closed, but You can get a takeaway from any cafe/restaurant and enjoy the food on the school balconies with your friends or join our activities!
• No travel outside Bilbao at weekends, so stay and Enjoy Bilbao!
• Want to go shopping? Our famous shops are OPEN!

Cultural and fun activities everyday including weekends!
City and Beach tours in small groups! Guided Walks, Paellas and Wine tasting on our school activities!

Enjoy Christmas in Bilbao

Christmas and New Year are a magical time in bilbao, with lots of events and a very special atmosphere! Join us at Instituto Hemingway for a Spanish course over Christmas/New Year. Or, suggest it to a friend! There will be 20 lessons per week during the weeks commencing 21st and 28th December. We only close on 24th, 25th December and January 1st.

We are located in the very center of Bilbao

Come and visit our school! We're ideally located, right in the CENTER of Bilbao, just 5 minutes´ walk from Casco Viejo district or Gran Via.

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