Travel study vacation in Spain

03 Mar 2021

Despite the COVID-19 travel restrictions, you can come to Spain if you are enrolled on a Spanish course.

In general, there are 2 essential requirements:

1.) Have a negative COVID test result dated no more than 72 hours prior to the flight arrival time in Spain. This test result should be in Spanish or English and should be presented. Both the original physical copy or an electronic copy are accepted.

2) Present a course enrolment letter indicating you will take a 20 hour week course for the duration of your trip. We can provide this letter for courses in Bilbao.

Please do however bear in mind that there are additional measures and limitations for residents of certain high-risk countries. As the situation is constantly evolving, please do get in touch so I can advise you of your specific situation.

Our Intensive Spanish course

This 20 hour a week course provides the perfect balance between time spent in class and exploring this wonderful city, which is now reinvigorated with optimism as spring awakens and the COVID numbers are decreasing by the day. In Bilbao bars, restaurants, museums and social and cultural venues are open with reduced capacity and of course strict measures against COVID including the obligatory use of masks and maintaining social distancing.


150€ per week in Bilbao

Course materials, placement test,  cultural activities and book - 60€

If you want a new life changing experience, now is the time. Contact us and together we’ll make your dream become a reality.

¡Hasta la vista!

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